Dragon Age: Origins Survey


I’m curious to see what everyone prefers!

  • Favorite origin: Human Noble
  • Favorite class: Rogue 
  • Favorite party (3 characters): Alistair, Morrigan, Zevran
  • Favorite romance: Alistair
  • Templars or Mages (Broken Circle): Mages
  • Defied Cult or Sided with Cult (The Urn of Sacred Ashes): Sided, then defied
  • Werewolves or Elves (Nature of the Beast): Both
  • Bhelen or Harrowmont: Bhelen
  • Preserved Anvil or Destroyed Anvil: Destroyed
  • Anora as Queen or Alistair as King (Landsmeet): Alistair as King
  • Morrigan’s Dark Ritual yes or no: Yes
  • Favorite ending: Alistair and old ball-and-chain rullleee
  • Vigil’s Keep or Amaranthine: Amaranthine
  • Let Architect live yes or no: Lives